Liberty Mutual Facebook App


Liberty Mutual worked with a previous company to set up a system to update the Facebook pages of their roughly 1400 Insurance agents across the company. This system allowed Liberty Mutual to post messages, videos, contact information, links to products all controlled through a proprietary content management system.

In February of 2012, the previous company informed Liberty Mutual that they were closing their business down and that the application they built would be shut down come March. Liberty Mutual turned to Hill Holliday (their ad agency of record) to see if they could help prevent all of these agent sites from going away.


Hill Holliday turned to 1/0 to rebuild and restore the sites on 1/0's own hosted servers in a matter of a week. 1/0 was able to re-write the original .NET application that integrated with Facebook's API, re-develop the user experience and add and modify the existing functionality and reporting tools. All content is approved by Liberty Mutual, posted to the Facebook content management system and then scheduled for posting. If a post has an error or needs to be removed, the system is able to remove those posts from all 1400 agents with a single click.


Within a week, 1/0 had migrated, re-written and extended the reporting features of the application for Hill Holliday and Liberty Mutual with zero down time for Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual is now able to receive reports on total posts, posts per agent, likes per post, likes per agent, lead generation, etc. through the Liberty Mutual funnel from Facebook.



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