Hampton Ambassador


The Hampton Jitney needed a site for their premier luxury motor coach service, The Hampton Ambassador. The Hampton Jitney recognized an opportunity to dominate the luxury market for bus service between New York City and the Hamptons due to its well-recognized brand. The new site needed to reflect this premium service and convey luxury, reliability and safety.

A big technical challenge was that the Hampton Jitney’s booking/order system was run on an IBM AS400 mainframe system that was over 20 years old. This non-relational database is unable to create round trips, multi-legs, editable trips, and seat bookings.


1/0 developed a custom ecommerce site utilizing a Microsoft .NET application layer that integrates with Hampton Jitney’s legacy AS400 backend. Utilizing an IBM driver that could connect the two disparate systems to read and write real time through a VPN Tunnel, we were able to integrate the two systems. Furthermore we integrated with Chase’s PaymenTech to process the credit card orders and allowed for cancelling and editing existing orders through the system. 1/0 also developed the ability for customers to book their seat on the Ambassador using an intuitive and simple workflow.


The end result was an elegant, functional design and user experience that has a unique route map as well as streamlined checkout process. Customers are able to reserve their preferred seat on the bus for $5 each way which has driven an incredible amount of incremental revenue. Since the launch of HamptonAmbassador.com in July 2010 sales have increased over 128% and unique visitors have increased over 100% during that time.



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