1/0 Technology has a commitment to sustainability. We feel it is imperative that we do our part to limit our impact on the environment and world. Living and working in the tri-state area naturally lends itself to sustainable practices but it is also important to consciously remain aware of our responsibility to sustainability.

To that end we:

  • Hosting Facility: Microsoft's datacenters are already 100 percent carbon neutral with the goal to also having those datacenters rely on a larger percentage of wind, solar and hydropower electricity over time. Today roughly 44 percent of the electricity used by our datacenters comes from these sources. Microsoft's goal is to pass the 50 percent milestone by the end of 2018, top 60 percent early in the next decade, and then to keep improving from there.
  • Staff transportation: All staff members utilize public transportation to and from work
  • Office Products: 1/0 not only uses 100 percent recyclable paper products, but also recycles all paper products. 1/0 does not use disposable coffee dispenser cups
  • Office cleaning: 1/0 only uses natural, biodegradable, non-hazardous cleaning products
  • Energy efficiency: A Carrier integrated control system continuously monitors building functions. This system is connected to a stand-alone computer to ensure the most economical building operation. In case of power failure, the Carrier system is backed up by the emergency generator
  • Computers are turned off when not in use, and screensavers automatically come on after a pre-set time.

  • American Society of Landscape Architects



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