Newsmax and 1/0 launch an upgraded Kentico Site

The goal of the project was simply to upgrade the system from Kentico 5.5. to Kentico 9.x (which was the most current when 1/0 completed its development work) and retain the current article structure of the system.

  • Retain the current article structure for over 300,000 articles.
  • Match the current functionality of the CMS.
  • Fix lingering bugs and issues not associated with the upgrade.
  • Launch the new site with an eye toward re-developing the CMS

1/0 chose to attempt the upgrade of the site rather than try and re-write it for Newsmax.

  • 1/0 employed a sequential upgrade process that entailed upgrading to each version of the Kentico product. 1/0 upgraded from Kentico 5.5 to Kentico 6 to Kentico 7 to Kentico 8 and finally to Kentico 9. Along the way, the site had to be functional in each and every version or the upgrade would not work.
  • 1/0 worked hand-in-hand with both Newsmax’s and Kentico’s development teams to work through exceedingly complex and difficult challenges.
  • When 1/0 ran into seemingly insurmountable roadblocks, Kentico was there to troubleshoot and answer any questions 1/0 had in terms of the code.
  • 1/0 was responsible for integrating changes made at Newsmax as it upgraded the site.

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